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Posted by trevorb November 30, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

I've been studying mandarin now for over a year with chinesepod but have only a month or so moved up to elementary and I indirect if I'm doing my study in the best way. 

I tend to use The podcasts mostly listening for an hour or so twice a day. I tend to Just listen to loads of different lessons consecutively nowadays a mixture of Newbie and elementary. If I in good I get about 15 mins on the Website at lunchtime and maybe a bit at home too. I then use Tuttle flash cards last thing at night to review Hanzi meaning, stroke order & radical etc.  I also tend to scribble the odd Hanzi or sentence when bored in meetings or waiting for my PC to boot up. I have a spreadsheet of all the Hanzi I know and I regularly go through this on my tablet reading the English and writing the Hanzi (using recognition) to keep refreshing them.

Thing is I'm not sure if I'm understanding Podcasts because I understand the Chinese or because I've "learnt" the episode over repeat listenings. Certainly on a new listening l pick out some words and phrases immediately (I can pretty much always get newbie lessons) but struggle to get a fall sense in elementary lessons.

My question is how am I best to do this? I've looked at the 10 tips but they assume more private web time than I often get. Am I best to listen to all the podcasts over and over or would l be better Just looping the newest lesson until a new one comes out?

Any hints on how l can me my time more effectively would be appreciated.



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