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Posted by trevorb February 21, 2011 in the Group General Discussion .



1)Do you have an MP3 Player

2) What is the most popular chinese made MP3 Player?

3) In the dialog 播客 means podcast but I understood it to mean blog.

4) Is an MP三 always a device or could it be software on a computer?

最后的问题是一个语法的问题, 我需要用英语啊

5) This is a question about negating in the Past, Present and future. My current understanding is:-

Present and future: Things are negated using 不 unless preceiding a 有 in which case I would use 没。

Past:Things are negated using 没 so to say it did not rain in the moring I would say 今天早上没下雨了。

Is this correct or have I over simplified?

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