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Posted by bababardwan March 16, 2011 in the Group General Discussion .

When trying to navigate the libary, the fastest way is by level where you can have 50 lessons in chronological order per page at a time [ I thought there used to be 100 but I think I'm thinking of the vocab words] and thus for Intermediate level for example there are only 7 pages of 50 lessons and there is a link at the bottom for all 7 pages. Bonza.

The problem comes when you want to browse the whole library regardless of level for whatever reason. The only way to do this that I know of is by the "latest lessons" tab where you only get 10 lessons per page, there are 211 pages and when you first click on the "latest lessons" you can only navigate to:


1-7, 210, 211

..so you have to start at one end, whatever is the closest to where you want to navigate to, the problem being pronounced if you want to navigate to somewhere in the middle, as you seem to be only able to jump up the pages a few at a time [only 2 usually I think]. To have a workaround, I just had the idea of posting below the links to every page in the library for everyone's convenience. I hope you find it useful. Cheers :)

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