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Posted by crazedewok March 30, 2011 in the Group General Discussion .



你学习中文学了几年了? 还是,  你学习了几年的中文了?

“How many years have you been studying Chinese?"

你住在美国住了几年了?"How many years have you been living in America?" I'm not sure how to use the other pattern with this one, can you give an example?


Also, if the verb's object is only one word, do you have to repeat the verb? For example:

我开车了一个小时。 = 我开车(开)了一个小时。 "I drove the car for an hour."


Finally, I just want to see if I understand 了/过:

我学中文了。"I'm now studying Chinese (but I didn't before)"

我学了中文。 "I studied Chinese."

我学过中文。 "I have studied Chinese before."

我学了中文了。"I've been studying Chinese (I started before and I still am)." Is it OK to say this without a time phrase?



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