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QQ - what am I doing wrong?

Posted by xiao_liang April 16, 2011 in the Group General Discussion .

Ok, a few years ago, I signed up for QQ when I first started learning Chinese. It was literally insane - within minutes I was being bombarded with completely endless friend requests - it was nuts. Actually way too stressful!

My better half is visiting family in China, so I thought I'd fire up QQ to see if my newly improved chinese ability might fare a little better. I'd forgotten my original QQ id, so I made a new one, and fired up the new international QQ. Things are a little different - for a start, the only 2 people that have friended me are bots trying to send me viruses. If I search for myself, I don't even show up on the search engine. 

So fine, I thought, I'll try just adding random people, and chatting to them. But literally zero people have even accepted a friend request.

So folks, what am I doing wrong? All I want to do is practice Chinese! 

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