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Foreigners fuel obesity epidemic in China

Posted by bodawei April 23, 2011 in the Group General Discussion.

That's my headline; I might have been a sub-editor. 

Tonight we took Chinese friends to a hot pot restaurant and as the hot pot was brought to the table the owner said to the Chinese friends (as though we weren't there) 'these foreigners come to my restaurant a lot, bringing Chinese people, so I am putting in extra meat.' 

Okay, first, 'come here a lot' is an exaggeration - I have been there maybe 7 or 8 times.. 10 tops. 

The thing is, meat does make you fat. And while I am not too impressed with the added meat, the Chinese friends are. They want to go back to the restaurant. 

The friends have just come back from a trip to the US - conversation turned to how fat Americans are, and how much they eat at a sitting. I wonder if Chinese people don't eat more, but a diet low in animal fats keeps the average Chinese person nice and slim. With all this meat they are now eating, anything could happen.. and I might be partly responsible! 

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