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Declining an invitation

Posted by Purrfecdizzo May 3, 2011 in the Group General Discussion .

Hi everyone,

I have a situation, someone invited me to eat dinner with them, but I am not interested. If I were speaking with an english speaker, I would simply say 'nah, im not up for it'. But I know that I cant say this to a Chinese person. So my question is, how can I express this idea while meeting my three goals?

1- Let him know I don't want to go

2- Do so without sounding like a complete dickhead

3- do so without dodging the question.

Also, I have an aversion to lying, so this means that I am not willing to tell him that Im too busy, when it isn't the case. In fact, if he thinks this, then he may simply ask again in a few days, and I haven't solved the problem.

Any help would be appreciated


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