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Who broke the feeds

Posted by adamssl April 24, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

Hrmz. Interesting update to the webpage. BUT!

 One of the things I loved about chinesepod was the ability to have itunes tied to the "elementary" feed. It auto downloaded every elementery lesson, and I saved every single one of them.

It was great. It was convenient. If I needed a quick brushup on language in a restraunt, I could find it on my ipod. Send a fax? There it is. I don't want the lessons to just learn RIGHT THEN, I want to catalog and keep them forever.

With the new update they were all wiped out, and now I can't find any similar feed that links to a full history of all past elementery lessons. So... anyone have any ideas? Is there some hidden, mystery feed where I can go get ALL, and ONLY the elementery lessons?


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