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Strange accent in dubbed western movies

Posted by tingyun May 15, 2011 in the Group General Discussion .

Yesterday I finally stumbled on the name for the strange accent used in dubbing western movies/tv shows into Chinese - its called '译制腔.'  I'd been wondering for awhile what its called (since it obviously resembles no normal Chinese regional accent, nor does it seem particularly close to the way foreigners butcher Chinese, though it is perhaps designed to resemble that in the strange rythym and emphasis).

I also stumbled upon an interesting internet debate over whether it should be disposed of - http://www.avfun001.org/comment/99672/2

Personally I'm for getting rid of it - I rarely watch Western movies dubbed into Chinese, as the accent just feels too weird and artificial.  If they would speak in a more normal manner (wouldn't even have to be standard, a normal Chinese regional accent would be fine) I'd watch quite a bit more...

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