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Is your life over if you don't have a VPN?

Posted by bodawei May 18, 2011 in the Group General Discussion .

'There was a time when you could reasonably get by without a VPN in China. That time is over.' (John Pasden, 2011, May 18 - Sinosplice.) 

This hit me as so over the top (sorry John!); I would love to hear what other China residents think about it.

I don't agree .. I have a VPN but haven't used it for months. Seriously, what do you miss out on? There are so many other video options - YouTube doesn't matter in the sense that it is unique - it isn't. Facebook - naah, even my closest and dearest tend to communicate by other means. So I have peek at what people are doing every half year or so - it is not a must have. I kind of missed Web Picasa when it went but there are plenty of other options.  I can happily blog elsewhere than Blogger. And the ChinesePod stuff on blocked sites I can happily do without. News sources - I am happy with my current sources. So what do I miss out on?  

Note to RJ - it's not about the cash, my VPN is free, and works fine. 

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