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Listening to all the Intermediate and Elementary Dialogues

Posted by svik May 23, 2011 in the Group General Discussion .

As a diversion from my normal study I have spent the past couple weeks listening to every dialogue from the Intermediate and Elementary lessons. While listening and reading the dialogues I recorded in a notebook every character that appeared, according to pinyin. My observations:

1. There are about 2000 characters that appear in these lessons.  There would be a somewhat greater number of words, but I did not try to estimate that.

2. Over 10% of the characters (about 225) have more than one pronunciation.  That was more than I anticipated.

3. According to the pinyin chart there are about 400 sounds.  28 of these were not represented in the 2000 characters.

4. Another 62 were represented by a single character, meaning that 3 of the possible tones were not found.  Examples:  开 kāi, 日 rì,  能 néng, 让 ràng

5.  Others were vastly over-represented:  ji had 39 characters, including 15 for jì
shi had 36 characters, including 17 for shì.  I find that words made of 2 such characters can be harder to remember:经济 jīng jì (economy)

6.  The Intermediate lessons starting in August 2006, especially with the series on 张亮Zhāng Liàng and 陈丽Chén Lí, seem to be of a higher technical quality, and the dialogues are generally more interesting.  This seemed to correspond with the appearance of Connie's voice (and others) in the dialogues.

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