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Posted by trevorb May 30, 2011 in the Group General Discussion.


Ache as in body aching use 疼 téng same as a head ache makes sense

种菜 zhòngcài   grow vegetable

which sadly we don't do yet but may do once the kids have stopped bouncing about in the garden

I asked about this book because I was confused about 风 having two meanings.  alas it was not I put it in this post then looked carefully at the 汉字 and I see my mistake in reading the second character! 我要多小心!汉字风和凤不一样,但是区别很小。

fèng 凤凰 fènghuáng - pheonix..

yùgāng 浴缸 the bath。  Am i right in saying 坐在浴缸里?

 放松 fàngsōng - 听力一定不好我听了xiong! relax

我觉得那是因为今天我和熊猫看起来一样。我的眼睛下游大大的黑黑的包。 其实一个反的熊猫。


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