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Posted by hamshank June 4, 2011 in the Group General Discussion .

Hello everyone...I was hoping someone may be able to shed some light on the use of 的 when it is linking two really long phrases together. 

From my understanding, the function does not change but I keep coming across long sentences that I cannot seem to wrap my brain around. 

Take this for example


My rough tanslation

Prensently, many of europes top clubs would like to bid for Nuer, including the giants Real Madrid and Barcelona.


What I can't understand is what is the 的 attributing to what? 

From the section before the 的 we have 皇馬和巴塞隆納等豪門在內 - Literally = Real Madrid and Barlcelona giants include

Then after we have 多家歐洲大牌俱樂部都想要引進內馬爾 which is literally - many families europe top clubs would like introduce Nuer

If I take my first instinct of Real Madrid and Barcelona being attributed to the top european clubs then my translation would change to;

Presently, the giants of Europes top clubs Real Madrid and Barcelona would like to speak to Nuer.

I would apprecate it if anyone has some wisdom to part on this one.






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