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Posted by matthewg June 7, 2011 in the Group General Discussion.


   端午节快乐!   昨天晚饭我们吃了粽子。   很好吃也很好玩儿!

   我有一个问题。又vs。再。   I am confused as to which I should use when I want to say that something will happen again in the future that has already happened in the past.  For example:

   看起来要再(or 又)下雨了。   我以为我应该用“再", 但是我的中国的朋友告诉我应该用”又“。   It looks like it is about to rain again.


   昨天我在地铁被小偷骗了。   我不敢再(or "又“)坐地铁。

   Yesterday I was robbed on the subway.   I don't dare ride on the subway again.











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