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Posted by mandomikey December 11, 2007 in the Group General Discussion.


The thread on movies got me hoping more of you out there would be willing to suggest and briefly describe a favorite(s) books dealing with the mainland.  I'll be looking for something to sustain me during the long holiday travel days which are upcoming.

I personally prefer historical books and travel memoirs over novels or science fiction.   Some of those that I've read and enjoyed:

"Mandate of Heaven", Orville Schell ... "Rivertown", Mark Hessler   ...  "The China Fantasy", James Mann ...  "The High Road to China", Kate Teltscherer.   One book that I haven't yet cracked open (but am consdiering) is "1421", an account of Zheng He's naval explorations, and his supposed discovery of America pre-Columbus, Cabot, and Vespucci.  Sounds like it's been universally debunked as fiction, but I'm still curiuos.   Looking forward to suggestions...


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