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Posted by mandomikey December 11, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .


The thread on movies got me hoping more of you out there would be willing to suggest and briefly describe a favorite(s) books dealing with the mainland.  I'll be looking for something to sustain me during the long holiday travel days which are upcoming.

I personally prefer historical books and travel memoirs over novels or science fiction.   Some of those that I've read and enjoyed:

"Mandate of Heaven", Orville Schell ... "Rivertown", Mark Hessler   ...  "The China Fantasy", James Mann ...  "The High Road to China", Kate Teltscherer.   One book that I haven't yet cracked open (but am consdiering) is "1421", an account of Zheng He's naval explorations, and his supposed discovery of America pre-Columbus, Cabot, and Vespucci.  Sounds like it's been universally debunked as fiction, but I'm still curiuos.   Looking forward to suggestions...


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