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Cross culture communication

Posted by bodawei June 11, 2011 in the Group General Discussion .

Interesting piece in today's Sydney Morning Herald about cross-culture understanding - and we are talking Australia and the United States - a subject that comes up on this site from time to time. 

A Herald writer called Richard Glover had a piece last week about climate change and it was pretty ho-hum in my opinion. Kind of very low key, friendly satire, nothing too biting, family newspaper stuff. Most of his writing concerns what happened in his family during the past week. I generally don't read his column (but enjoy his radio show each weekday afternoon on 2BL) but I did read this piece and thought it was mildly amusing. 

Glover received nine emails about the article in the first two days. It seems I am a typical reader - it didn't excite us too much; pretty standard Richard Gloveresque lame jokes. He talks of tying climate-change naysayers to a post off Manly and waiting for the sea to rise, then says on reflection "perhaps that's not ideal". 

Then someone posted a link to a site in the US and he got 300,000 hits and 2,400 emails. Most of the US correspondents want to kill him (and worse.) Fortunately most of the aspiring maimers and murderers from America don't know where Sydney, Australia is. :) 


The article is at http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/society-and-culture/a-climate-change-wave-of-hate-20110609-1ftix.html

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