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Imitating a Foreign Accent in Chinese

Posted by bababardwan July 29, 2011 in the Group General Discussion .

I'm not sure if the title is the best way of expressing what I'm driving at. I was thinking of the old language power struggle and the ploy to pretend you're not an English speaker. That may be a little harder to pull off here in Australia. Ni hao mate, wo shi faguoren is probably not going to cut it. So obviously we should be aiming for accent reduction if we want to get closer to speaking like a native. But in the interim, if you want to be able to practice your Chinese and not find that the convo always ends up defaulting to English, how to sound like your speaking Chinese with say a French accent? Have any Poddies tried to pull this off...not only claimed another language but tried to put on an accent to go with it? ...if so, how did it go? Also, any good examples to listen to of Chinese with Foreign accents other than English? I have some idea of how I would try and sound, but it would probably be an appalling attempt not having heard any examples of it, hehe. I'm also wondering how likely you are to get caught out. That is, apart from English, how widely spoken are other languages in China? [I actually wouldn't mind if it did then go to a French convo if they were at a basic level...at least it would be better than English and could be fun and interesting]. Any thoughts on this topic would be very interesting to hear.

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