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Posted by user33683 August 25, 2011 in the Group General Discussion .


I have been studying Chinese for quite a while, at first in China and now back at home.  I bought quite a good handheld dictionary (Besta) 5 years ago, but now it is broken and I need to replace it.  The selection of dictionaries availble here in Melbourne seems quite limited, but I have friends in China who can help me buy one if I know what I want.

So I wondered if anyone could recommend a good dictionary for me?  I want the following features:

Multiple input methods for Chinese, including pinyin and writing characters.  It would be good to have multiple character pinyin input - for example, type shucai as one word ratehr than first shu, select the character and then cai.

I prefer Oxford to Longmans English dictionary.

Need to find pinyin for characters and preferably words; nice if it could be in the same screen as English translation (my current one only has it in Chinese-Chinese section).

Nice to have a chengyu section.



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