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Posted by Mo4li3xiang2 November 20, 2011 in the Group General Discussion .

There is a few things I have been struggling to translate myself into chinese but last night I found a Taiwanese girl with good english who helped me translate some more idiomatic but frequently used english into chinese. For example I never know how to respond when sb over compliments me in chinese, as in english I would say ' oh I do ok' or 'I can get by' which she helped me translate to 我承擔得起 - literally meaning I can afford it, but it use is more akin to the the english vers of 'I can get by'. Another one which refers to both Taiwanese and Chinese alike I'm sure is ‘to dance around the subject' which she thought 拐彎抹角 was quite a good translation, not a direct trans but in proper usage it could be used in a similarly to our idiomatic expression. So I was wondering if anyone else had done this and would like to share their thoughts. 

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