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Heathen's Greetings!

Posted by daizi December 24, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .


From one heathen to the other heathens: Heathen's Greetings!


This time of year has much to offer the two Judeo-Christian traditions. But what of the other traditions? In the spirit of this time of year, I'd like to offer greetings to those C-Podders who aren't Christian, Jewish or Mormon, and who don't celebrate Kwanzaa. People like me (realist, naturalist, some might say atheist, although I don't liked to be defined in deist terms) who don't believe in god(s).

Happy New Year! Dai 

恭贺新禧 gōnghèxīnxǐ 戴 dài

And, if anyone knows the proper Chinese for any of the following terms, so much the better.  I made the first two up. This might be a good topic for a lesson as well.

Realist真实论者 zhēnshílùnzhě

Naturalist 自然论者 zìránlùnzhě

Heathen, Pagan 异教徒 yìjiàotú


Buddhist 佛教徒 fójiàotú

Daoist 道教徒 dàojiàotú

Atheist 无神论者 wúshénlùnzhě



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