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Study Plan for someone who already know chinese.

Posted by thillygirl January 3, 2012 in the Group General Discussion .

Hi everyone,

I was researching in the group and couldn't find anything on this topic.  So I am curious as to what would be your suggestions on a study plan for someone like me. Before doing into my background, I would like to know how should I best study Chinese?  Should I start with pinyin in my case or should I just skip newbie lessons and go straight to elementary/intermediate levels?

So here's my background:  I grew up in a mandarin speaking home.  You are probably at this point wondering why I need to learn Chinese, well because my Chinese is the marriage of Mandarin, Cantonese, Fukinese, some Idonesian native tongue, and of course English.  Which means, my parents mishmash all the languages above all the time in one sentence.  You think Chinglish is bad, wait till you visit my home.  As a result, I know that the pronunciation of my Chinese words is often times incorrect and sometimes very confusing.  On top of that, I left Hong Kong when I was 9 years old, so I can read about 40%-50% of the words but I can't write and sometimes can get the words confused.  I've taken the placement test, which placed me at elementary/intermediate, but when I tried a few of the newbie lessons, I noticed that I am not that fluent.  I understood what's spoken (100%), even the upper intermediate level conversations, but I am not fluent in the words and pinyin.  Given my circumstance, would you recommend that I start with pinyin and just jump into elementary?  So far I've been focusing on the intonations in newbie lessons because I know my pronunciation is often wrong and I've gone through those lessons multiple times and still can't get it right.  I still can't figure out the difference.  It's like I'm toned-deaf or something.

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