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Question regarding the use of hen3 with hao3

Posted by meir January 9, 2012 in the Group Grammar Questions .

I don't understand why you have to use with 好. Such as when saying I am good ( 好)If I understand correctly you are literally saying I am very good.  I have been unable to find something that can explain to me why you can't just say 好. It might seem like a strange question at first but I am asking it as a newbie. I was hoping that maybe others of you have had this as a question in your Mandarin journeys and could perhaps share some insights as to what made it clear for you. I also wondered if you are already saying I am very good for "I am good" then how would someone in fact say that they are VERY good? A grammar note I came across said that the hen3 would have extra stress, does that mean it would be pronounced with a fuller third tone or it would be emphasized similar to when something would be in capital letters in English , for example ,"I am real good" said in somewhat of a monotone as opposed to "I am REAL good"  making the word "real" the strongest emphasized word in the sentence?

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