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Playing Podcasts on an Ipod

Posted by cumquat January 25, 2012 in the Group General Discussion .

I use an iPod to listen to classical music, and also to Chinese Pod podcasts.

I have organised the music into playlists - for example: the 4 movements of Beethoven's 5th, and of course I want these tracks to play consecutively without pause.

The podcasts are arranged in groupings based on language level - Newbie, Intermediate, Advanced, etc. There are a few hundred podcasts in each level, and I DON'T want them to play one after the other. I want to be able to select one podcast in a particular level, have it play through and then STOP so that I can select another one to play.

Previously I had a 2-year old iPod Nano, and this was exactly how it worked.

But I have just bought a new iPod Classic for the massive storage, and it won't do what I want. The music is fine, but the podcasts want to play consecutively without pause. I've tried looking for different settings on the iPod itself and in iTunes, but nothing stops this from happening.

Any suggestions?

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