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Podcast Lesson Title Hard to Read

Posted by andygxp January 30, 2012 in the Group General Discussion .


Does anyone know a way to read the title of the lessons on my itouch / iphone any better?

Often I get to only read part, e.g. so when looking down my podcast list I can not choose a lesson based on topic, I see something like this:

"Lesson Review MP3 - Ele.."
"Dialogue MP3 - Elementary..."
"Elementary - Part Title.."

Would naming lessons B,E,I,UI,A be better?  Since often we are at Elementary or Intermedia for a good 100 lessons plus, so we don't need to see the whole word elementary or Lesson review at the expense of the lesosn title.

How about displaying like this?

E-LR  (Elementary Lesson Review)
E-D (Elementary Dialogue)
E-L Hospitality

Value thoughts, work around or advice



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