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How to say the tones in Chinese

Posted by bazza April 27, 2007 in the Group General Discussion.

I don't recall there actually being on a lesson on this.

五种声调 - wǔ zhǒng shēngdiào - The 5 tones
第一声 - dìyī shēng - 1st tone   
第二声 - dìèr shēng - 2nd tone   
第三声 - dìsān shēng - 3rd tone
第四声 - dìsì sheng - 4th tone   
第五声 - dìwǔ sheng - 5th tone/neutral

这个字是哪一种声调?- Zhège zì shì nǎyī zhǒng shēngdiào? - Which tone is this character?

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