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Other, another, the other

Posted by ok4rm April 27, 2012 in the Group I Have a Question .

Hello, 大家好!

I have been browsing through lessons and discussions, but seem to be unable to find any lesson about words "other", "another", "the other".

I was looking in dictionary (www.mdbg.net) but the search results are too many and not very clear.

I found 其他 (其它) qítā meaning "the rest" and also have seen some examples.

Then I saw 另 lìng, standalone or combined lìngyī 另一, lìngwài 另外. Also 他人 tārén, 以外 yǐwài.

These are just too many dictionary terms with too little information as to their proper use. So I remain confused and don't know what to say in situations like these:

1) (among many people in the restaurant)

Q: 这是你的同学吗? zhè shì nǐde tóngxué ma? Is this your classmate? A: No, my classmate is another person. (can't see her around right now, or when not present, it does not matter who she is)

2) (two books lay on the desk) 你想我看这本书吗?Nǐ xiǎng wǒ kàn zhè běn shū ma? Do you want me to read this book? No, the other one. (Let's suppose I can use neither "那本书" because they are both too close to each other, nor "left" or "right" etc.)

3) (talking about things) Is (it, something) red? 是红色的? No, it is some other color. (It is definitely not red, but I am not sure what color it actually is.)

Regarding the third example, what could I use referring to time, such as "some other time" (not now, but I don't know when yet)? Would 日后 rìhòu be acceptable?

Thank you

Jindra OK4RM

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