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Posted by bababardwan July 18, 2012 in the Group General Discussion .

Hey, just noticed that when you go on a users profile page [it that's what you call it] it now has 3 categories [previously just one...all comments I think]. How long has this been in place? I don't go on that section often. It looks like the all activity is a sum of comments [on lessons or to others comments I guess] and user posts [new threads you've started yourself I guess]. I guess this is helpful...it may help to navigate to something at some stage. I'm also curious that next to my all activity tab there is an rss symbol and yet some others don't seem to have this...why is this so? is there a set number of comments you need to make before this is triggered? ...and would anyone really rss feed someones comments rather than just follow the site? tianah !!

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