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知了来了 (cicada season)

Posted by bodawei August 11, 2012 in the Group General Discussion .

It is cicada season in China. chán (formal: cicada) 知了 zhīliǎo (colloq. cicada). Anyone trying to run a summer class with the windows open has to shout or give up.

I looked it up in Pleco and was surprised to find fifteen listings for cicada, including some intriguing cheng yu. Here’s a couple:  蟪蛄不知春秋 huìgūbùzhīchūnqiū (lit. short-lived cicada does not see all of the seasons; fig. to see only a small piece of the big picture) 金蝉脱壳 jiīnchántuōqiào (lit. the cicada sheds its skin; fig. a crafty escape plan).

Anybody got any cicada stories or more chengyu? 


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