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CP for travelling - which level is most beneficial?

Posted by yangmei91 August 17, 2012 in the Group General Discussion .

Just a quick question regarding using CP for preparing for a trip to China. Please chime in with your views and experiences.


The situation: I've only recently started using CP again after a 3-year absence. During that time, I didn't manage to study Chinese effectively, but I did some reading and skimmed a couple of grammar books. I used to be at Upper Intermediate level, but could follow the Advanced lessons without getting too uncomfortable. While I was in China in 2009, I realised I knew lots of advanced vocab, but couldn't keep up a relevant conversation because I wasn't . So this time, I started at Intermediate hoping that this level convers most everyday situations. Now that I am pressed for time (and have worked through the relevant Int. lessons at a pace of 10-20 per day), should I

a) consolidate by going through them again

b) review with flashcards

c) pick a few relevant Upper Int. lessons (since the Int. vocab will appear in them as well)

I won't have to take part in any specialised discussions, at least not for about 2 months, I just want to get by (travelling, grocery shopping, socialising with locals) with relatively fluent (=without stops and fumbling for words or syntax) Chinese. Mistakes are ok, but what I am hoping to reach is that kind of what I call the "immigrant" level - for example, my mother-in-law certainly is "fluent" in German, but her sentences regularly contain incorrect grammar oder intonation, yet she sounds much better at it than I seem to be when speaking Chinese - because she can keep the conversation flowing.

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