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父亲节。。。Father's Day

Posted by bababardwan September 2, 2012 in the Group General Discussion .

据我看...as far as I can see, there don't appear to be any lessons on Father's Day [we have a lesson for many other celebrations I reckon]..unless I've missed it. According to Jenny in the Mother's Day lesson:



"Mother's Day is quite big in coastal cities in China. For example, here in Shanghai, shops are all over it. Bakeries do Mother's Day cakes, department stores push for cosmetics, clothes and shoes, even car dealers have Mother's Day promo"


..so what's the story with Father's Day in China? Has that caught on to a similar degree, or not at all? If it's catching on, any chance of a lesson? Also, if it is celebrated, what date is that for China?

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