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ChinesePod on Open Language

Posted by bababardwan September 12, 2012 in the Group General Discussion .

Yesterday we had an announcement of a new iphone app and a new version of the ipad app [same app] which was also announced. But I also noticed in itunes at the same time that there was an updated version of the open language app. As this app was originally announced on this website, I'm wondering why the update wasn't announced also [no biggie, I'm just curious]. But what makes me much more curious as to why it wasn't announced is that I've just discovered ChinesePod is now also on OpenLanguage:




...even more reason you'd think it would be announced on the CPod website [unless I missed it...when did this happen?]. So I'm also really curious what this means....on first glance, the CPod ipad app and the OpenLanguage app look very similar. Who is this ChinesePod OpenLanguage app for if not for CPod users? What's the story here?

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