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Best Smartphone

Posted by bababardwan September 14, 2012 in the Group General Discussion .

With the new iPhone 5 about to be released, I'd love to canvass poddies opinions about which smartphone is best these days, and obviously any advantage one may have over another when it comes to studying Chinese will be of particular interest.

My impression is that originally when the first iphones came out they were the best, but subsequently the rest of the field has caught up and may have even overtaken, particularly Samsang galaxy android, but this is just my impression.

However, unless there were some very significant advantages in any smartphone that was out there now, I must say I'd be inclined to stick with iphones for several reasons. Firstly, I have so much in itunes [all the CPod audio files for starters...] thousands of podcasts, music, movies, etc, etc. I'm not sure how easy it is to migrate it all to another system, but this must involve some sort of learning curve, and just by the amount of data, would represent a significant investment in time. Secondly, the time involved in learning a new system....it's easier to stick with what you are familiar with. Thirdly, stuff like pleco for example which was not cheap...I'm not sure if you'd have to pay again to get it on another platform. Fourthly, even if the phone itself was better, how does the android marketplace for example compare with google store. Finally, I also have an iPad and it's convenient using itunes for both...to start splitting systems could be a bit mafan.

Any thoughts? Have I got it all wrong?

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