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So behind on downloading podcasts due to V3

Posted by rich April 27, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

I don't normally complain about V3 since I really like the new controls and features, but I still have no clue how to get podcasts downloaded to my machine like I did before.  Before the big switch to V3, it has been since the end of March since I did a full update with Juice.  Now nothing is the same.  I have my own feed, but I've gone and changed settings multiple times, but after try, there was only one episode in my feed, one I had bookmarked from earlier this year.  After waiting a few days and trying agian, there was nothing new. Why no new ones or from the last month?

Thinking that all the episodes I can download have to be bookmarked, a bookmarked tons of them.  Yet still no change.  Then I thougth maybe they need to be on my study schedule.  Having not used this before, I just dragged and dropped ALL the lessons on the right, because I can't see what date they are from.  I went back to my feed and know there were about 5 more lessons, but not all of the ones I dragged and dropped.  What gives?

 If you know where to get more help on this (I have read the Feed section in the help, and it doesn't help much) please post here.  I would really like to download them without having to do it one by one, and to get the high quality MP3s and PDFs that subscribers are able to get.




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