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Xiang Sheng ( 相声)

Posted by brooke January 10, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

Hello everyone! I have been gone without much internet access for two weeks, and boy is it good to be back!

I have a question for whoever can help. I have been very interested in Xiang4 Sheng1 (相声, also known as cross-talk) for quite some time. From what I understand of it, it seems to be very funny, and uses a lot of language and culture puns for its humor. Due to that, I thought perhaps it would be a good way to study Chinese, or at least impress some of my Chinese friends. *grin*

My problem is this: I can't seem to find any of the solo xiang sheng dialogues written out online. Even a two person would be okay, but I would really like a solo dialogue. I have found audio recordings of them, but I really need a written version to practice from, as well as to learn the words I don't recognize. Perhaps they are all listed on Chinese websites, which would explain why I can't find them since my character recognition is limited. However, if I have a dialogue in Chinese characters, I can look up the ones I don't know.

Anyone have any good links or ideas? Thanks!

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