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Giant Interactive & Chinese Gaming

Posted by fudawei January 10, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

I had never heard of this until a few days back.  I was glancing through some financial articles -- looking for some Chinese investment opportunities, figuring that a reasonably solid stock there might be a nice hedge against potential recessionary pressures here in the US in the coming months.  I'm tracking some nicely performing companies, like Aluminum Corp (ACH) and China Mobile (CHL) and PetroChina Co. (PTR) ... and I see a fascinating article on GIANT INTERACTIVE (GA).


This is an online computer gaming company out of Shanghai.  It's getting quite a bit of positive buzz here, but it's still under the radar.  NOW ... let me make clear ... I'm not looking for any stock advice and I'm not offering any.   I'm just explaining how I came to hear about this Giant Interactive.  I know next to nothing about these companies, which is why I'm still reading up on them.  Nor is this the proper forum to discuss the matter. 


But it IS the proper forum to discuss aspects of Chinese culture. And that is what I'm curious about.  If I read this article correctly -- online gaming is fast becoming a major phenomenon in China.  This is something I never would have guessed, but now that I think about it -- it does make a certain amount of sense.  Role-playing games are particularly popular (according to my source).


Is this true?


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