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A noun by any other name...

Posted by frank January 17, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Hello again!
All right, so I'm going to Shanghai in a few weeks and I'm going to drop in on the CPod folks of course, but when I'm not in their offices, I'll be on my own out there! I'm an Elementary learner (no matter the name of my blog), and though I'm startling to tickle the edges of Intermediate lessons, Elementary is my home for the moment. That's not likely to change before I leave.

SO! Let's talk nouns. Specifically, what do YOU think is the essential vocabulary I ought to have before I land in Shanghai? I'm okay on basic sentence structure, but it occurs to me that there's probably a very short list of words every traveler ought to know. Off the top of my head, I realize that I don't know the words for "police," "innocent" and "framed." Not that I think I'll need them... *cough*

All kidding aside, what are your suggestions? Feel free to state the obvious. I actually <em>don't</em> know the word for police, come to think of it... :-)

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