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pinyin instead of hanzi in dialogue?

Posted by margot_in_dalian April 27, 2013 in the Group General Discussion.

Hi- I have a couple of questions.

1.  I'm using C.P. on my computer.  When I look at the Dialogue, Grammar, or Expansion tabs -- is there a way to see the Pinyin instead of hanzi in all the examples?  (I know I can hover over the hanzi to see Pinyin, but wondered if there's a setting somewhere that would default to Pinyin.)  (I also know I can print out a pdf that shows the Pinyin, but that's rather a pain and I'm still wondering if I can choose Pinyin on my main tabs as the primary setting...)

(For students mostly focusing on spoken--not written--Chinese, this would really be a helpful setting!)

2.  On my smartphone, is there a way to see a list of the ChinesePods that are already downloaded on my phone?

(As it is, my list doesn't distinguish between undownloaded/downloaded.  When I'm studying in a place w/o internet access, it would be really nice just to access the dowloaded lessons on my phone.)

Thanks for any help!

-Margot in Dalian




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