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position of LE: differences in meaning

Posted by JJ2016 September 1, 2013 in the Group Grammar Questions .

Hey guys,

I was wondering if someone can tell me what the difference in meaning is in the following sentences when LE is placed after the verb and at the end of the sentence:



Shang ge xingqi wo dao chaoshi

‘I went to the supermarket last week’



Shang  ge   xingqi wo diu   wo de  qianbao

 ‘Last week I lost my wallet.’



 Shangci ta zhan zai nar

‘Last time he stood there.’



 Ta  shangci  deng ni

‘Last time he waited for you.’



Shang ci ta deng ni yi huir.

‘Last time he waited for you for a while.'



Ta  zai chuangshang tang yi huir

‘He lay on the bed for a while.’


Also, I assume that LE is not possible sentence-finally in sentences like 'ta zai nar zuo ji ge xiaoshi'. Is this correct?


Many thanks!

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