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Spoken Chinese only on Chinesepod?

Posted by henning January 29, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

I repeatedly read user comments stating that CPod focuses on spoken Chinese only. But has this ever been confirmed by CPod staff members? And would it be advisable for a language so heavily shaped by its writing system?

And doesn't the very existence Media level disprove the spoken-only theory? Besides, lots of the Advanced and some of the UI vocab seems to be rather written-language to me.

Naturally the lower levels are concentrating on spoken content - this is what you immediately need and what comes first for getting a feeling for the language. With the current distribution of lessons among the levels the impression of an "spoken only" service might indeed arise.

However, I am convinced and I have always been convinced that CPod does strive to become a one-stop-shop for learning Chinese one day and that it needs to do so. The ressources are not yet here, but I surely hope they will come.


I would be highly interested in reading an "official" strategy statement on this point...

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