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Most Commonly Used chéng yǔ (成语 idioms)

Posted by helenaoutloud January 31, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Okay, so I've been studying my vocab, yi bian practicing my pronounciation, yi bian going to the local chinese group in town. Now, I feel pretty good about this whole learning process and I feel like I went over that "hump" that keeps me back when nervous about learning something challenging.

So, now I want to get a little more comfortable with these cheng2 yu3 I keep hearing so much about.  Like most of us here, I'm pretty busy and already have quite a bit on my plate.  I just want to know how worthwhile it will be for me to learn these idioms. Also, I really want to know what are the most commonly used idioms.  I don't want to go around town using this kind of language if Chinese people aren't going to understand me anyway.

 I figure that SOMEBODY must be using them if they are still being taught in Taiwanese schools.....right?

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