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Suggestions and improvements for Chinesepod in 2015

Posted by Matt_T January 7, 2015 in the Group General Discussion .

Hello Fellow Poddies,


There has been a lot of discussions over the last few weeks about all the changes happening with Chinesepod. Many people have posted suggestions and improvements that they would like to see in the future, however they are scattered across chats in multiple lessons and other discussions. 

I am creating this post to provide a spot in which we can unify our posts on potential improvements that we would like to see Chinesepod work on in 2015 and have a discussion with the Chinesepod team on what may be possible and what isn't.

We should also be aware that some changes can take some time and a lot of work to implement so we shouldn't expect everything to be implemented immediately, but perhaps this could be an area where we also track what has been implemented and what may still be pending.

Happy New Year and Happy Posting! I'm looking forward to hearing all your great ideas!

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