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Posted by Matt_T January 11, 2015 in the Group General Discussion .

Hi Poddies,

Just wanted to make a post to see who all uses Anki and how everyone uses it, specifically the size/management of your anki decks and any tips/tricks you have come across.

Lately I have been getting to a point where I find that my Anki decks are getting too large. I currently have about 6 decks on the go with various amounts of cards in them but some have several hundred cards.

Given that some of these decks are so large I am finding that it takes an incredibly long time to go through all the card reviews each day and usually find that I can't make it through all my reviews in my given study time.I feel that I am spending too much time focusing on just flashcard review and it's eating into mylistening and character reviewtime.

I could always not study some decks or remove the number of cards but then I find that I start forgetting a lot of words due to not really using them during my speaking practice. So if I don't review them in flashcards I forget them entirely.

So my question is this, how do you keep your deck size from getting too large, but also ensure that you are not losing any vocabulary.

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