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Posted by NickZhao April 14, 2015 in the Group General Discussion .

Hello everyone! I'm fairly new at Mandarin. I'm just beginning to transition into an Elementary level, but still I find myself wandering through the newbie world. Anyway, in studying how to learn languages effectively, I've come across the advice the one should affect the best accent one can so that you sound as if you could be from that region. When I learned French, I spoke with a parisian accent and when I speak English I can affect a "french" accent quite well. However, when I speak Mandarin, I don't know what sort of accent I have or should have. I have learned some words that have an erhua sound and others that are softer and sound more like what one would hear on the streets of Taiwan. But, I still feel as though I have an obvious American accent when I speak Mandarin. It could be my immagination. What should I do to sound Chinese? I know that I will always have a hint of an accent that lets people know that I am not a native speaker. But, I don't want to sound completely American either. Suggestions?

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