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More new words for Valentine's Day

Posted by cassielin February 13, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

hey, guys,情人节快乐!

I think you guys want to learn more words ,especially practical words about 情人节。

I am going to give you guys some of them, hope them will help.

Here are the words and examples:

表白biao3 bai2 / 告白gao4 bai2 ==propose  

the word means you are going to tell someone that you like /love him or her.


暗恋an4 lian4=admire someone secretly 

It is a verb.  For example, 我暗恋他三年了。wo an lian ta san nian le.=I admired him secretly almost three years.

意外惊喜 yi4 wai4 jing1 xi 3=surprise

eg:今天是情人节,我要给男友一个意外惊喜!=Today is Valentine's Day, i want to give my boyfriend a surprise.


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