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学习外语的口号 Slogan of learning a foreign language

Posted by cassielin February 14, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Hi guys,

I am going to share my slogan of learning a foreign language today.

First, let me explain some chinese words and sentences.

口号kou3 hao4=slogan   

我们的口号wo3 men1 de1 kou3 hao4=our slogan

我们的口号是——永不言弃!wo3 men1 de1 kou3 hao4 shi4, yong3 bu4 yan2 qi4.

Our slogan is never give up!

外语wai4 yu3=foreign language.

我学习两种外语——中文和英语。wo3 xue2 xi2 liang2 zhong3 wai4 yu3, zhong1 wen3 he2 ying1 yu3.

I learn two foreign languages, one is Chinese and the other is English.


Here comes my slogan of learning English.

Don't be shy!

Just give it a try!

Open your mouth and let the words fly!


Hope you guys will like it and feel free to share your slogan of learning a foreign language.

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