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Make a wish.

Posted by cassielin February 17, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Good morning guys, how's your weekend?

This is the last week i stay at home and i will back to school after it! Hope we can keep learning from each other this week.

Here are some more new words and sentences.

许愿xu3yuan4=make a wish 

愿望yuan4wang4=wish  noun.    祝愿zhu4yuan4=wish / hope    verb.

生日愿望sheng1ri4 yuan4wang4=birthday wish   

新年愿望xin1nian2 yuan4wang4=new year wish

当你看到流星的时候,别忘了许愿。dang1ni3 kan4dao4 liu2xing1 de1 shi2hou4, bie2 wang4le xu3yuan4.

Don't forget to make a wish when you see the meteor.

我的生日愿望是个秘密。wo3 de sheng1ri4 yuan4wang4 shi4 ge4 mi4mi4.

My birthday wish is  a secret.

你的新年愿望是什么?ni3 de xin1nian2 yuan4wang4 shi4 shen2me?

What's your new year's wish?


By the way, my new year's wish is that i can pass the TEM8 and find a job in this April. How about you? what's your new year's wish?

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