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Catchy words and sentences about soup

Posted by cassielin February 18, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Morning guys,

I am going to share some more words or sentences about soup with you guys since today's newbie lesson is about hot soup.

First, let's talk about the measure word.

When it comes to soup,rice or noodle, you should use一碗yi1wan3=a bowl of

一碗汤yi1wan3 tang1=a bowl of soup  一碗饭yi1wan3 fan4=a bowl of rice

一碗面yi1wan3 mian4=a bowl of noodle

However, if you want some dishes, you should use the measure word

一盘yi1pan2=a dish of   

 second, let me give you some detail examples, don't worry, they are very easy.

清汤qing1tang1=clear soup    香菇汤xiang1gu1 tang1=dried mushroom soup

请给我一碗清汤。qing3 gei3 wo3 yi1wan3 qing1tang1

Give me a bowl of clear soup please.

我要一碗香菇汤。wo3 yao4 yi1wan3 xiang1gu1tang1

I want a bowl of dried mushroom soup.

你要喝汤吗?ni3 yao4 he1tang1 ma? Do you want to eat /drink soup?

要。 yao4   I want.

你要什么汤呢?ni3 yao4 shen2me tang1 ne? What kind of soup you want?

我要香菇汤。wo3 yao4 xiang1gu1tang1  I want dried mushroom soup.


By the way, Jenny is right, people who live in south of China prefer to drink/eat soup first before meal.  I am from south of China and i like soup very much. I can cook many kinds of soup by myself.

Hope you guys will like this post.



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