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Posted by johnb February 19, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

We're on the move here at the Praxis Factory, and we're hiring new staff to help us launch a number of new products (six, actually -- French, German, Italian, Russian, Arabic, and Japanese).

To help us find the best candidates, we're turning to you, the ChinesePod community! If you know anyone who fits one of the below positions, please tell them to send their resume to john.biesnecker@praxislanguage.com. In exchange, we'll give the person that refers a candidate we hire a free six-month Premium subscription to one of our products (of course if you refer yourself and get hired, you'll have Premium access to all of our sites for free :P).

Below are the four positions we're looking for for each team (the copy is generic -- replace "LanguagePod" with "RussianPod," "ArabicPod," etc., and "Language" with "German," "Italian," etc.). If you or someone you know has any questions, please contact me directly at the above e-mail address.

Note: All positions are full-time in Shanghai. For the native French speakers, we're looking for people from France only. For the native Egyptian speakers, we're looking for people from Egypt only. For the native German speakers, we're looking for people from Germany only.

Languages: French, Italian, German, Russian, Arabic, and Japanese

Lead Teacher
As the leader of LanguagePod, you will be creating fun, exciting Language lessons together with a native Language-speaking Lead Host and delivering them to a virtually unlimited audience via podcast. This is an opportunity to teach in a communicative -- rather than grammar-driven -- way, to right the wrongs of the textbook-dominated classroom, and to re-kindle the enthusiasm that has been beaten out of students by years of outdated pedagogy. As a native English speaker, the insights you’ve gained in while mastering Language are invaluable.

Go to http://spanishpod.com/lessons/bottle-of-water and listen -- the Lead Teacher is the male voice, JP, and the LanguagePod Lead Teacher will fill the same speaking role for Language.


  • Native English speaker, with fluency of Language acquired as an adult
  • Masters Degree in linguistics, education, or Language
  • Teaching experience and strong academic foundations
  • Experience teaching with new technologies
  • Familiarity with computers and the Internet
  • Intense dissatisfaction with the current state of language teaching
  • An infectious passion for teaching and learning

Lead Host

As the main Language voice for LanguagePod, you will be working with the Lead Teacher to create lively, entertaining lessons that deliver Language to a virtually unlimited audience via podcast. The ideal candidate will be young, vibrant, and have a passion for languages and learning. The Lead Host will assist the Lead Teacher in creating lessons and other material, take charge of PR initiatives, and develop and lead the user community.

Go to http://spanishpod.com/lessons/bottle-of-water and listen -- the Lead Host is the female voice, Liliana, and the LanguagePod Lead Host will fill the same speaking role for Language.


  • Native Language speaker, fluent English
  • Passion for language, learning, and communication
  • Experience teaching Language to English speakers preferred
  • Media or broadcast experience preferred

Academic Developer
The Academic Developer is a native Language speaker with strong Language writing skills and an understanding of grammar. English skills are a plus. The Academic Developer is responsible for all lesson publication, including editing materials, annotating materials with grammatical information, and operating technical publication systems.

Customer Service Representative (internship)

The Customer Service Representative is a native Language speaker, and has excellent written English. The Customer Service Representative is responsible for providing marketing and promotion support for LanguagePod, and assisting customers in solving technical and payment-related issues.

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