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上海话 Shanghainese - Need Feedback if you experience it your work, etc.

Posted by rich February 20, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

I am to give a 3 minute presentation on anything about Shanghai to my businese Chinese class tomorrow.  I thought, having an interest in languages more so than businesses, I chose to focus on the Shanghai dialect.  Of course, my audience being people who desire to do business with China when they graduate (not necessarily live there), I thought I would focus more how relevant/obvious/etc. Shanghainese 上海话 is to the business world of Shanghai.

I have heard that  there are even some business  people who even feel the need to learn Shanghainese in order to build better relationships and understand more of what is going on.  Is that true?   I have no sources to back me up.  And I would also like to give a few examples of Shanghainese, of course saying hello, thank you and the like... can anyone recommend a good site that has phonetics for us westerners to understand?

While I'm sure Shanghainese has been talked about on here (will do a search, but want to get this out as I only have today to prepare), most important is to get Chinese people, esp.  from Shanghai (gee, are there any here? :P) to comment on this dialect.  But even better (or as good) is if some of the non-Chinese staff at ChinesePod reads this, do you have to deal with Shanghainese much?   Is it important?  Does Jenny slip and talk to you in Shanghainese once in a while?  ha ha.  Is there even a market for teaching the language?  Please do share.


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