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Two articles in Skeptical Inquirer regarding China.

Posted by julesong February 21, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

I thought I'd let you know about some articles which might be of interest.  This month's Skeptical Inquirer are about China:


CFI (Center for Inquiry in China) - "China Gone Modern" (page 29, March/April 2008) by Kenrick Grazier.  Excerpt:


Amid explosive growth and modernization, China and CFI congress speakers ponder sustainability and the popularization, enjoyment, understanding, and widest possible applications of science.

In the nearly twenty years since our last visit to China (see "CSICOP in China," SI Summer 1988), the country has undergone a stunning economic and physical transformation...




CFI (Center for Inquiry in China) - "The New China and the Old" (page 36, March/April 2008) by Paul Kurtz.  Excerpt:


Twenty years of CSI and CFI interactions with China help reinforce Chinese scholars' efforts in boosting scientific understanding and attaining some degree of harmony in a complex country grappling with an incredible development boom.  It is in our interests to continue to work closely with the Chinese, and we intend to do so.

The Eleventh World Congress of Centers for Inquiry/Transnational convened in Beijing in October 2007, the culmination of almost twenty years of interchange between the Center for Inquiry and Chinese scientists...


 As my copy of the magazine just arrived today, I haven't had the opportunity to read through the articles yet.


Other SI articles available online regarding China can be found at this search:


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